while the other three are so short they fail to make contact.



I know I’ve been really bad about keeping up my blog. It’s easier to post things to facebook, but when I do that I don’t do a whole lot of “journaling” so to speak. I have been going through old photos and since I started my blog in 2008 it has been helpful to see how I felt back them about the pictures that I took so that I can scrapbook those pictures now, yes, I am really behind on my scrapbooking! lol

Anyway, I thought I’d start with Baseball. Jonas is playing baseball again with the Field of Angels.

_MG_3224Our cute Jonas boy!!


They had a mom there taking photos of the kids in front of their sign.


Every year that Jonas has played they have always had 4 teams, 2 T-ball and 2 baseball. Jonas has played on the T-ball team for the past 2 years he’s been playing. This year he wanted to play “real” baseball so I signed him up for that. When we got there this first night we found out that there were so many kids that signed up this year that they divided the kids up into age groups. There were the little kids that played t-ball from 6-7 and the older kids played baseball/t-ball from 7-8. ARGH! I had no idea. Everything I knew said it started at 6:30 so we showed up a little before 6:30, needless to say, there was a LOT of waiting being done so I gave the kids my phone so they could watch minecraft on YouTube.


Tinian had fun running around and entertaining himself. Don’t you just love this photo? Such a serious kid, but still so cute!


Jonas hanging out with one of the boys on his team.



Brynnan and Tinian had fun sliding down the railing on the bleachers.

_MG_3241 _MG_3242

I couldn’t get a good view of Jonas while he was up to bat so I didn’t get a picture. He hit it on the tee because the guy that was helping the kids at bat just put the ball on the tee. I could’ve told the guy he didn’t want to hit it like that, but it kind of went by so fast. lol


Here he is running to 3rd base. The girl in the ‘love’ shirt was his “helper”.

_MG_3248 _MG_3250 _MG_3267

Brynnan watching the game.

_MG_3268 _MG_3269

Hanging out in the out field. Jonas likes to be at the very front so he can try to get the ball when it’s hit.


Jonas hanging out with some of the kids on his team after the game.

It was a great game! I’m so glad that these kids get to have these experiences and I’m so thankful for the wonderful people that put it all together!!

Jumbled Thoughts About Sirius

I have sat down so many times in the past 2 months since we put Sirius down to write this post, but I never end up publishing it. I don’t know why. I’ve wanted to post pictures of our year we spent with him, but I haven’t been able to go through them. I don’t know why this is so hard. We still have his stuff. I see it everyday and I don’t break down crying about it, but when I sit down to write about him and what happened, I break down. I just can’t not cry.

He was a special dog. He was perfect, in the beginning. He loved us, other people, he didn’t run away if he was off his leash. He wanted to stay with us. He loved us. He was a loyal dog. He loved to play and run and he was so happy. I don’t even remember when all that changed. In the fall I did start noticing he didn’t like when people came to the house. He would bark at them. People that he’d been ok with before, he just didn’t like them anymore. He loved kids when we first got him, but when the boys started school and tried having friends come over he started jumping at them and nipping. We had to keep him in his cage if anyone came over because we were afraid of him hurting them. We tried to work with him, but he just didn’t understand that they were ok. He was so blinded by fear or anxiety or whatever it was that he just didn’t like anyone but us.

I often blame myself because I was the one he was home with all the time. I didn’t spend enough time with him or I didn’t know how to train him right and I didn’t want to. I had so much more important things to do. I didn’t want to see how bad he had gotten. He was ok, he would grow out of it. He was so good to us, why didn’t he like other people? Why did we ruin him?!! I just don’t understand any of this. Why did this happen?

Heavenly Father warned me about this. At the time I ignored the feelings. We found Sirius on Craigslist and he was the perfect dog. We went to meet him and he liked us. He was a little scared when we went into his backyard to play with him, but we just chalked that up to it being a different situation. The old owners told us he had been a little afraid of strangers and there had been a couple incidents when he was a puppy, but they said he had grown out of the scared behavior.

We’re still so confused about what they did to Sirius, exactly. We know they isolated him and never took him for walks, the whole two years they had him. The wife and kids didn’t play with him and he spent most of his time down in the basement. He wasn’t allowed to go into their kitchen and ate his food in the cold dark basement as well as slept down there. We think that is what made everything so hard coming to live with us. We like our dogs to be a PART of our family. We don’t want to just lock them away. They’re supposed to be our companions. If they aren’t, what is the point in having a pet anyway?!! So, we think that over time, Sirius just got too stressed out. “His” room was in the living room, where all the action came in and out of the house. For an isolated dog, I’m sure that was hard. I just don’t understand why we had him from Feb-the end of the summer and it never really bothered him. I suppose we’ll never know.

I’m just so mad and sad and I really HATE what those people did to him. Whether they did it knowingly or not. They should’ve never owned a dog!! And then WE had to be the ones to fall in love with him and then kill him. We had to kill our perfect dog because he wasn’t perfect to anyone but us.

I said we still have his stuff. Mark says it’s because we’re lazy and just haven’t put it up on Craigslist yet. That’s not it, at least for me. I know that if we sell it, he’s really gone from our lives. I don’t want that to happen.

He was just a dog. Why is this so hard?! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to let him go. He was the first dog that I feel really loved me. Yes, Nemo was a good dog and loved us, but it wasn’t the same. I don’t know how to explain it.

I miss you boy! I miss cuddling with you on the couch at night after the kids went to bed. The last couple months I would let him sit on the couch with me. He knew he was only allowed it at night. It was such a comfort. Especially that last week. It was a horrible week and that last day was so HARD. I tried not to think about it. I spent tons of time with him that day, playing and loving on him and just enjoying him. I don’t ever want to do that again!!

After Mark and I got home from the vet that day Jonas came in the door from being at our neighbors house and said, “Don’t you know, he’ll always be in our hearts.” and I just broke down crying. Jonas cried at dinner that night. He’s never been too fond of animals. I don’t know why, but this was hard for him. Brynnan, on the other hand, who loved Sirius so much didn’t cry. I really didn’t expect that. I thought for sure he would bawl his eyes out and want me to hold him, but he didn’t. And Tinian, he was happy to see Sirius go. Well, ok, not happy, but it didn’t really effect him at all. I still don’t really understand that.

The other night I was rocking with Tini in the chair, as is our nightly ritual, and I asked him if he missed Sirius, even a little. He has always said “No.” and said it again that night. I asked him why and he said that he was scared Sirius was going to bite him. That makes sense because of everything that happened with Brynnan we told Tinian not to go around Sirius because he was always bothering him. If anyone deserved to be bitten it was Tinian. So, we constantly had to remind Tinian not to go by Sirius because we didn’t want him to get bitten.

Anyway, I’m just kind of rambling now and it’s late so I need to go to bed. I just needed to get this off of my chest finally! I can’t believe it’s been 2 months already. I’ll try to post some pictures someday. I know I’ve been bad about keeping up my blog. I’ll try to be better!

Tinian Funny

tinian and I were eating a snack of chips and salsa after church today. He started talkig about the different colors of salsa. It was so funny! He said, “There’s yellow and red salsa and you can eat that, but the purple salsa you can’t eat. Only Daddy’s and big boys can.” Haha! It was cute.


Tinian Funny

Mark took Tinian to the store on Saturday and while they were driving around Tinian said “Mommy calls all people “dude”.” Mark thought that was funny so he texted me to explain. Sometimes, if I’m driving and someone cuts me off or something equally as annoying I will say “Dude!!” Lol I don’t know when or why I started doing it, but I have noticed it too. 

Anyway, the next text mark sent me went like this, “We were driving, and I saw a guy on a motorcycle, that was hiding in my blind spot. I said “I couldn’t see that guy” Tinian said mommy always calls them dude.” Haha!! 

A while later I got another text, “We just saw another guy on the motorcycle. Tinian said “hey I see that guy on a motorcycle”. I said “don’t you mean dude?” And he said “mommy says dude not me.” Haha 

He’s so FAST!! 

Tinian and I joined Jonas and the rest of the fourth grade on their walk around the track today. They do it tuesday-thursday every week.yesterday Jonas was so excited to tell me he ran the whole way and beat everyone! 

He wanted me to come see him beat everyone again so I came. I ran earlier this morning so my knees were kinda bothering me. I couldn’t keep up with him! I had to keep taking short cuts through the grass. He did beat the whole fourth grade around the track again! It was so sweet, all of the kids in the front of the pack, just behind Jonas kept chering him on and saying “He’s so FAST!”. 

This just makes me so happy! I am so glad jonas has friends and classmates that think he is so amazing! They love and support him so much. I am so thankful for the wonderful kids in his grade and class!! And the teachers are all amazing too!! So supportive of jonas. I really love this school and the students here! 

Jonas seems to know everyone at the school, it just makes me feel full of love that so many people are wonderful to him! He is very much like his dad, outgoing and not afraid to be himself :) I love that about him! I’m so glad to be his mom, he is such a wonderful boy!

Pinewood Derby 2015

This year both Jonas and Brynnan participated in the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby for our pack. They had fun making their cars and racing them, even though they didn’t win. Jonas invited his friend, Taisen, to come and participate because we only have 5 boys in our pack. They all had a lot of fun!



All of the cars lined up and ready to go! We only have 5 boys in our ward that are in our cub scout pack. Jonas invited his friend Taisen that lives down the street from us and he came! It was so fun!


Jonas and Brynnan’s cars are the minecraft themed ones. My boys like to stick to themed cars.


Jonas made the creeper car (that’s the green one with “spots” on it) and Brynnan’s is the guy wearing blue. He’s called Diamond Armor Steve. My boys LOVE the video game Minecraft!!



The first racers were Jonas, Kyle, Brynnan and Sam.




And they’re OFF!! :)


The results of the first race. Jonas and Brynnan’s cars were a lot lighter than the other ones so they usually stayed around the last 2 spots. They were really good sports though and had fun anyway!


The second race.







Brynnan got 3rd place



Jonas was in 4th place for every race, poor kid! He’s never had a winning car and this was his last year. But he has always just been happy to participate! I’m so glad he’s such a good sport!


After doing the normal races the guy pulled out the loopty-loop track and they all tried to have their cars go around the loop. One of them did and it was not surprise to anyone that it was Sam’s car! :) This picture above is Jonas and Hunter




Then Taisen and Brynnan._MG_9370  _MG_9362

Then Sam and Kyle. You can see Sam’s car blurred there on the right side of the track after making the loop.




These boys are so fun to work with!


I love this picture of hunter! :) (The boy next to Jonas.)


Here they are all waiting patiently for the results of the races…..


They all did great! :)


Here are each of the boys with their cars.




Sam and his 1st place trophy


Kayle got second


My Jonas boy


And Hunter in 3rd :)


Jonas and Taisen together after the races. I’m so glad he was able to come! I talked to his parents and he is going to sign up to be in our pack! Yay! Jonas is soooo excited!! Now we’ll have 3 Webelos! :)

My Church Journal

I have a little notebook that I keep in my church bag. I call it my church journal. I write down thoughts and inspiration I have on Sunday’s during my meetings. Sometimes I don’t write anything, sometimes it’s one sentence, but a lot of time it’s a lot more. I am always very inspired by the things ward members say and teach me. I absolutely love my ward! They are amazing and wonderful people and have been so loving and supportive of me and of my family.

Tinian has also used my church journal and I think that is another thing I love about it. It’s not just filled with thoughts I have, but it is filled with my kids and things they love.

Her are some pictures from it:










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