while the other three are so short they fail to make contact.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I wanted to jump on real quick and wish everyone a Happy Vday! :) I sent out valentine’s to family so hopefully you’ll be getting those soon! Here’s some fun stuff we did today:

Last night I made the boys little mail boxes and put some presents in them. I put them on their place at the table so they found them this morning when they woke up. Brynnan went out to the kitchen before any of us woke up and he came into my room and said, “Thank you Mom! I love the box!!” At first I was like what are you talking about, then I remembered:)









They each got a scented marker with hearts on it. Jonas and Brynnan got a pair of Valentine’s socks, they didn’t have a size for Tini, and Brynnan and Tinian got cinnamon lip candy. Jonas is very picky about the candy he eats and the selection when I went to walmart yesterday was very slim pickin’s so I decided not to buy any. He was happy with the marker and socks, so it was all good! :)


They both wore red shirts today and had to pose with their Valentine’s boxes they made at home.  _MG_8055Jonas wanted to color on his so he used crayons and Markers. The first thing he drew was him and a girl name Katie, in his class and they are holding onto a heart. I thought that was SO CUTE! :) _MG_8062


I wanted to do something different this year again instead of the store bought valentines so I took pictures of them holding out their hand and then cut lines in the picture above and below their hand and stuck a sucker in it.


I was going to make pink popcorn balls for their teachers and therapists, but I just didn’t have time. I was really bummed because I got a lot of cute ideas on sayings to use for it from friends on facebook! There’s always next year! :)

I’m going into Brynnan’s class after lunch for their class party. I’m bringing along a bingo game I found on pinterest. I hope it’ll be fun! I hope you’re having a fun valentines day!

One response

  1. Rachelle

    VERY CUTE! love the picture idea!

    February 14, 2013 at 12:42 pm

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